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About The Photographer

I was born in Birkenhead in 1951;by the age of five this lucky town boy was bought a set of encyclopedias by farsighted parents. It was the first time I was able to see ROBINS, OWLS & ROOKS all courtesy of Eric Hosking's Photographs. I still have the encyclopedias.
I enjoy gaining knowledge, and through taking pictures and analysing the results I have gained an appreciation of the natural world. We have a great deal to learn from all around us, Its up to us not to spoil it.
Natural History

It's not an easy task, trying to save the world, but I think we should try....

My great hero is Charles Darwin. A brilliant man who was ridiculed by those who did not like what he found out. His power of learning by observation is a great example to follow.

I give illustrated talks on the subject of basic natural history photography, an easy-going, entry level insight into picturing the natural world mainly aimed at camera clubs but just as valuable to a non photographic audience.
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Here on this site is just a small sample of my library of digital natural history images.

Recently I have been developing techniques for observing wildlife through the use of portable CCTV equipment. Starting with small TV cameras in nest boxes, I have moved on to free standing, battery operated night vision TV recording systems. These systems are relatively low cost and simple to install and use. Please contact me for more information.

Wedding Photography.

Here you will see some examples of my wedding photography. My prices start at £3000.00 for full coverage to your specific requirements. I can also supply albums etc. please contact me for more details.